Bill's Big Bass

Bill and Pat's Excellent Adventure 2003

Pat's Big Bass

May 23, 2003 - Kimberling City, MO. -- Once again, another epic battle that wasn't decided until the last day (See "Table Rock 2000" for a related story.) This year, however, we had a winner - Bill managed to catch 13 keepers to Pat's 11, bringing the 6 day total to 24, one of our best years ever. It was a seesaw event from the start - it seemed whoever was in the front of the boat on a particular day ended up with 2 more keepers than the person in back, thus giving Bill a natural advantage, since he got first and last shots in the front (so what if it was HIS boat this year???)

Unfortunately, due to camera malfunctions, we weren't able to get all of Bill's pictures, but the ones we did get were pretty good! Enjoy...

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