Pat and Liza's Cruise

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Here's the place to find the pictures we took while we were on our cruise.

Our first view of Nassau harbor
Here's our first view of Nassau harbor.

Another view of Nassau harbor
Here's another view of Nassau harbor.

Disney boat side view
Here's a look at a ship parked next to ours.
This is the Disney ship, the only one Disney has.
(It's bigger than the one we were on.)

Disney boat rear view
Here's a look at the rear of the Disney ship
The yellow blob in the middle is Goofy
(It didn't come out too good)

Our ship
Our ship! Our cabin was in the middle, on the lowest row of windows.

Back of our ship
This is a rear view of the ship.
Compare this to the car parked on the right!

The Pool
Here's what the pool and hot tub looked like.
No, I didn't go on the slide!

This is another look at Nassau. The big building is the Atlantis hotel
(Liza says Oprah filmed a show there)

Snorkeling! This is the "Blue Lagoon" (where the movie was filmed)
This is where we went snorkeling.

Tide In
The "Blue Lagoon" when we arrived, and.....

Our ship
The "Blue Lagoon" three hours later, after the tide went out.
I didn't realize the difference could be that big!

Our ship
And finally, our "Towel Dog"!
Our cabin steward made this for us while we were away,
and we had to get a picture of it

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